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Elise believes that designers are capable of communicating meaning, spreading information and engaging in public discourse. As communicators, designers should ponder on how their designs could affect the people who see them, as well as society as a whole. Throughout her dissertation, 'Awareness, Persuasion and Impact: The visual rhetoric employed in socio-political advertising', she seeks to create more knowledge and awareness about socio-political advocacy used as a marketing strategy. Her editorial acts as a manual for brands who would like to engage in impactful brand activism, aiding corporate brands in determining the best marketing strategies for their target market. Elise takes a critical view of brands taking a stance on socio-political issues, communicating the best ways brands could successfully do so without the risk of facing backlash or getting boycotted.

This project is part of Elise's dissertation and was displayed at Spazzju Kreattiv, Valletta, as part of the MCAST ICA Festival 2022.

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